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Before submitting a article, please make sure to read through our guidelines.

This will ensure that your submission is accepted and complies with our standards.

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Love cooking delicious Nepali dishes? Show off your culinary skills and share them with the world

Get exposure and recognition for your recipes
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Gain valuable new insights into the world of cooking and Nepali cuisine

Writing Guidelines

Before submitting an article or a recipe, please make sure to read through our content guidelines. This will ensure that your submission is accepted and complies with our standards. Once you have familiarized yourself with the guidelines, follow these steps to submit your recipe >

All Content Must Be Original

Here at our publication, we strive to provide readers with valuable and engaging content. That's why the articles we receive must be original - no duplications allowed! An anti-plagiarism scanner will assess all incoming pieces of work to ensure that each submission has not been plagiarized from another source.

Provide All Necessary Information

When submitting a recipe, please make sure to provide all necessary information. This includes the dish's name, a list of ingredients, step-by-step cooking instructions, and an image of the final product (optional but highly recommended).

Video is Encouraged

Our readers love watching cooking videos - so if you can provide a video demonstration of your recipe, this will be highly beneficial.

Follow Our Writing Style Guide

Please adhere to our guidelines to ensure that all recipes follow the same format and writing style. These include a minimum of 800 words per recipe, using active voice when possible, and avoiding jargon or overly technical language.

Respect the Rules

Also, please be aware that we reserve the right to reject submissions that do not comply with our guidelines or contain inappropriate content.

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