Make the Authentic Jwana Ko Jhol – A Traditional Nepali Soup Recipe

10 minutes
2 servings

Jwana ko jhol is a traditional Nepali dish said to heal wounds, improve health and wellness. The recipe uses thyme seed, cumin powder, ginger, asafoetida (hing), turmeric, salt, ghee and rice flour in order to make a comforting soup that can be served with rice, fried potatoes or plain. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to make jwana ko jhol for two people in just 10 minutes!
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- Thyme seed - 1 tablespoon - Cumin powder - a pinch - Ginger (finely crushed) - ½ tablespoon - Asafoetida (hing) – a pinch - Turmeric -1/2 teaspoon - Salt as per taste - Ghee- ½ tablespoon - Water- 2 cups (soaked rice water can be used) - Rice flour – ½ tablespoon


1. Turn on the stove and heat the pan. 2. When the pan is hot, add ghee. 3. Once the ghee has melted, add hing, ginger and thyme seed and stir it. 4. Now add turmeric, cumin powder, salt and rice flour and keep stirring. 5. Add the water and let it boil for about 5 minutes. 6. Serve the hot jwana ko jhol with rice, fried potatoes or plain.
Jwana ko jhol is a traditional Nepalese soup that can be enjoyed by people of all ages! It's made up of simple ingredients but packs in lots of flavors and health benefits, including antiseptic, anti-fungal properties due to its thyme content. Try this recipe today to experience an authentic taste of Nepali cuisine!


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