Recipe Category: Dessert

Get the best Nepali dessert recipes from Lalmon! Learn how to make traditional and modern desserts like Sel Roti, Chaku, Himalayan Ice Cream, and more.

Lb00075 Besan Ko Ladoo

Traditional Nepali Besan ko Ladoo – Easy Gram Flour and Sugar Balls

Lb00076 Dahi Bara

How to Make Delicious Dahi Vada (Yoghurt Lentil Fritter) in Just One Hour

Lb00077 Gajar Ko Haluwa

Make a Delicious Gajar Ko Halwa (Carrot Pudding) | Recipe

Lb00078 Gudpak

Make Authentic Nepali Gudpak at Home in 30 Minutes

Lb00079 Home Made Curd

Made Delicious Curd (Dahi) with Easy Steps

Lb00080 Jeri (jilebi)

Make Authentic Nepali Jeri (Jalebi) (Syrup Filled Ring) at Home

Lb00081 Kaju Ko Barfi

Kaju ko Barfi (Cashew Slice)– A Delicious Nepalese Sweet

Lb00082 Kalakand

Enjoy the Authentic Taste of Kalakand (Milk Sweet)- A Nepalese Delight!

Lb00083 Khir (rice Pudding)

How to Make Delicious Khir (Rice Pudding) – A Traditional Nepali Dish

Lb00085 Lal Mohan

How To Make Delicious Lal Mohan – Nepali Sweet Dish

Lb00087 Motichoor Ko Ladoo

Authentic Motichoor Ko Ladoo Recipe – Ready in 15 Minutes!

Lb00088 Peda

Make Delicious Authentic Peda at Home

Lb00089 Rasbari

How to Make Delicious and Authentic Rasbari – A Nepali Cuisine

Lb00090 Sikarni

Delicious Sikarni – A Traditional Nepali Yoghurt Dessert

Lb00091 Soybean Lodoo

Make Delicious Bhatmas ko Laddu (Soybean Lodoo) in Under 40 Minutes

Lb00098 Anarsa

Authentic Nepali Cuisine – Anarsa Recipe (Rice Biscuit)

Lb00101 Fruit Mix Chat

Enjoy the Refreshing Mixed Fruit Chat | Easy Recipe

Lb00112 Suji Ko Haluwa

Learn How to Make Suji ko Halwa (Semolina Pudding) – A Delicious Nepali Sweet Dish

Lb00092 Suji Ko Ladoo

Make Delicious Suji ko Ladoo (Semolina ladoo) in Just 15 Minutes

Lb00136 Malpuwa

Make Mouthwatering Malpuwa at Home in Just 30 Minutes!

Lb00137 Puwa (nepali Puwa)

Enjoy the Authentic Nepali Puwa to Brighten up Your Day!

Lb00143 Kasaar

How to Make Authentic Nepali Kasaar at Home

Lb00144 Kulfi

Enjoy the Authentic Taste of Nepali Kulfi

Lb00154 Kadi

Authentic Nepali Kadhi Recipe

Lb00084 Makhana Pudding

Enjoy the Authentic Taste of Nepali Makhana Pudding | Recipe



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