Life in the USA

Want to know what life is like in America? This blog series covers everything from food and culture to work and school.

A Nepalese green card application with a pen resting on top.

5 Essential Steps for Obtaining Permanent Residency in the US as a Nepalese Immigrant

A green marker points to the word

9 Tips to Help You Master English as a Second Language

A Nepali holding a passport in front of an American flag.

7 Benefits Of Becoming A US Citizen For Nepalese

A group of Nepali people celebrating Holi, playing with colored powder in a field.

6 Ways Nepalese Can Celebrate Cultural Festivals While Living in the US

A Nepali hand holding a piece of paper with the word immigration on it.

6 Challenges Faced by Nepalese Immigrants in USA and How to Overcome Them

A Nepali woman is sitting at a table with social icons on her phone.

How to Utilize Social Media Platforms to Connect with Nepalese in the US?

A Nepali view of mountains from an airplane window.

8 Most Affordable Ways to Travel from Nepal to the US

Nepalese citizenship and immigration services.

9 Essential Tips for New Immigrants from Nepal

A Nepalese man holding a smartphone with mobile banking icons on it.

8 Tips for Understanding US Banking System as a Nepalese Immigrant

A Nepali family sitting on the floor in front of a yellow couch.

10 Tips for Buying a Home in the US as a Nepali Immigrant

A young Nepali woman posing with her hands outstretched on a yellow background.

6 Key Differences Between Nepali and American Culture

A word cloud with the keyword Nepali.

How to Avoid Culture Shock When Moving from Nepal to The US

wo Nepalese individuals holding smartphones with the word

9 Essential Steps for Sending Money From the US To Nepal

A group of Nepali children with their hands raised in front of a blackboard.

8 Strategies for Selecting Quality Schools For Your Children as a Nepalese Immigrant in the USA

Two flags of the United States and Nepali.

6 Unique Experiences You Can Only Have as a Nepalese Living in the US

A group of Nepalese children posing for a photo.

9 Strategies To Help Your Children Adapt To Life In The US As A Nepali Parent

A group of Nepali people in an office looking at a book.

5 Tips For Adjusting To American Workplace Culture As A Nepalese Immigrant

A hand holding up a smartphone with social icons on it in Nepali.

8 Benefits of Joining a Nepali Community in the US

Should I start my own business in Nepal? Yes or no?

15 Steps for Finding Resources To Help You Start a Business as a Nepali Immigrant in the US

In a clothing store, a Nepalese woman is holding shopping bags.

Top 5 Online Shopping Destinations for Nepalese in the US



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