Authentic Nepali Cuisine – Anarsa Recipe (Rice Biscuit)

Total Time: 40 minutes
Serving size: 15-18 servings

Anarsa is a type of rice cookie. It is generally made during festivals,,, and it is offered as Prasad to God too. Anarshas are made mainly during Deepawali. The sesame seeds on the top adds different flavor to it. Making this delicious dessert requires two days for the ingredients to mix properly and come together in perfect harmony. Here's how you can make authentic Nepalese Anarsa at home!
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- 3 cups rice soaked for a few hours- 1 cup ghee (melted unsalted butter)- 3 cups sugar- 1 tablespoon cardamom (ground)- ¼ cup almond nuts (ground)- ¼ cup cashew nuts (ground)- 2 cups ghee (melted butter for frying)- 4 to 5 Lemons- Half cup white sesame seed


1. Grind soaked rice and sugar together in a grinder.2. Add the ground cardamom, cashew, and almond and mix it well.3. Put the mixture aside to stay overnight so that the mixture gets moist next morning.4. Draw lemon juice into a bowl on Day 2 of the recipe.5. Take a plate and spread some sesame seed and some dried ground rice on it.6. Take a small ball out of the moist mixture and dip your figures into the lemon juice; gently spread the ball (in the plate of sesame seed and rice) into the shape of a cookie with your lemon wet figures.7. Heat oil in a big pan until it starts steaming (make it real hot).8. Drop Anarsha into the oil and change sides so that each side fries for an equal amount of time until it becomes golden brown.9. Once done, take them out from the stove and place it to cool down before serving as they are delicate.
Anarsa is a great dessert which can be enjoyed during festivals or as an everyday snack. This popular Nepalese dish has a unique sweetness, thanks to the combination of rice flour and sugar, as well as the crunch from the sesame seeds. Making Anarsa at home requires two days and needs patience but it is absolutely worth it for its deliciousness. Try this recipe at home today!


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