Enjoy the Best of Authentic Nepali Cuisine with Yomari Dumplings

Total Time: 10 minutes
Serving size: 15 servings

Yomari, sometimes written as Yamari, is a delicacy from Newar community in Nepal. It is especially eaten during Poush, and the day it’s eaten on is called Yomari Punhi. The triangular shape of yamori is derived from one half of "Shadkond" and symbolizes Goddess Saraswati & wisdom. These delicious dumplings are made from rice flour dough stuffed with molasses and steam-cooked to perfection. In this recipe, we'll be going through all the steps you need to make 15 yomari.
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- 500 grams Rice Flour- 100 grams Molasses- 50 gram Sesame Seed Powder- 20 grams Coconut Powder / Grated Coconut- 5 grams Cardamom Powder- 10 gram Vegetable Oil


1. Heat a cup of water and molasses in a pan at medium heat.2. When the molasses melts, add sesame powder, coconut powder and cardamom powder and stir gently.3. Add about a spoonful of rice flour and stir it gently until you get a paste that's not too thick or thin.4. Pour the paste into a bowl.5. Make the dough for yomari using rice flour and luke warm water, then cover it with a soft piece of cloth and leave it for about half an hour.6. Grease your palms with cooking oil so that the dough doesn't stick to your hands.7. Take a small piece of dough and make it first into round shapes and then into long yomari shape, ensuring they're as thin as possible.8. Add two teaspoonfuls of molasses into each wrap and slowly close its top while continually rolling it in between your hands to ensure the top is fully closed off & sealed properly9. Heat some water in a steamer and when the water boils, put the yomari in it & let them steam for about 10 minutes.
Yomari is a delicious Nepali delicacy that's prepared with rice flour and molasses, steamed to perfection. This recipe provides all the steps you need to make 15 yomari dumplings of your own - so why not give it a try?


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