Enjoy Authentic Nepalese Cuisine with Gundruk Recipe

Total Time: 30 minutes
Serving size: 8 servings

There is nothing quite like the taste of authentic Nepalese cuisine to bring comfort and flavor to a meal. This traditional dish, known as gundruk, is an easy-to-make yet delicious side dish that brings together the very best in Nepalese flavors. It's a popular snack or appetizer served both at home and in restaurants throughout Nepal. The process for making gundruk utilizes fresh green leaves, sun-dried for two days before being tightly packed into containers and left to ferment for up to a week. Once fully fermented, the gundruk is then sun-dried one more time before being stored and served. This recipe for gundruk will bring the flavors of Nepalese cuisine to your dinner table with ease!
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- Fresh green leaves from a garden - Air-tight container - Thin plastic sheet


1. Gather fresh green leaves from a garden or appropriate source. 2. Spread the leaves out and allow them to sun-dry for two days. 3. Place the dried leaves in an airtight container and seal it tightly shut. 4. Allow the sealed container to sit for at least one week until natural fermentation has occurred. 5. After fermentation, spread the contents of the container out on a thin plastic sheet and allow it to sun-dry for several days. 6. Store the gundruk in an airtight container when it’s fully dried.
This Nepalese gundruk recipe is truly one of a kind! By following these steps you can easily recreate this traditional dish at home, allowing you to bring comfort and flavor to your meals any time that you like. Whether served as an appetizer or side dish, this simple yet delicious recipe will be sure to please anyone who tries it!


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