Learn How To Make The Authentic Nepali Khichadi!

40 minutes
4 servings

If you are looking to experience authentic Nepali cuisine then there is no better way than trying a plate of scrumptious Khichadi. This traditional dish is made with rice and lentils that simmered together in ghee, spices, and herbs. It's more like a soupy rice preparation that can be served with either curd or pickles. The best part about this delicious meal is it can be easily cooked within 40 minutes and serves up to four people at once. So start collecting ingredients and get going to prepare this easy-to-make recipe right away!
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- 1 cup maas dal - ½ cup rice - 1 tablespoon ginger - ½ teaspoon turmeric - 2 tablespoons ghee - Salt (to taste) - A pinch of asfatedo (thing) - 2 cups water


1. Begin by washing and soaking the lentils and rice in a bowl for 30 minutes. 2. After that, take a pressure cooker and add all the soaked ingredients into it. 3. Add salt, turmeric, ginger, garlic and hing as per your preference. 4. Also add ghee according to your taste. 5. Now pour two cups of water and cover the pressure cooker. 6. Turn on the gas stove and let it whistle for 5 minutes. 7. After that, switch off the gas stove and allow it to rest for another 5 minutes. 8. Open the lid and stir with a spoon until everything is combined properly. 9. Your delicious Khichadi is ready to be served!
Khichadi is a simple yet flavourful dish with an easy recipe that can be cooked in minimal time using few ingredients available at home. The addition of spices will make this plate even more flavourful without compromising its health benefits as well as nutritional values. So why wait? Gather your ingredients and prepare this traditional yet tasty Nepali dish for your loved ones now!


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