How to make Authentic Nepali Tea (Chiya, Chai)?

10 minutes
2 servings

Enjoy the flavor of authentic Nepali tea with milk and sugar. It is a staple for most Nepalese households and is usually served as a welcome drink to visitors in Nepal. Learn how to make Nepali tea using traditional 'Chulo' method, which will give you the authentic taste and aroma of this popular drink.
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- 1 cup milk - 1 cup water - 2 tsp sugar - 2 tsp tea powder - Optional: Cardamom, cloves, ginger, black pepper, etc.


1. Boil water with tea powder in it for 5 minutes. 2. Put sugar in boiling water and stir it, adding cardamom, cloves, ginger etc., if desired. 3. Pour a cup of milk and let it boil for a while then watch the color. Make it darker for stronger tea. 4. Add some black pepper, if you want for flavor.
Now that you know how to make authentic Nepali Tea using traditional 'Chulo' method, enjoy a cup of it with your family and friends anytime! This hot beverage is the perfect accompaniment to snacks and meals alike. Enjoy the unique taste and aroma of this fantastic drink from Nepal!


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