Enjoy Authentic Nepali Taste with Karkala ko Tarkari (Taro Leaf Curry) | Recipe

25 minutes
5-6 servings

Karkala ko Tarkari is an authentic Nepali dish that can be enjoyed during the Teej and Panchami festivals. This vegetable is tasty but difficult to clean, which makes it a challenge to prepare. However, the effort is worth it as the resulting dish is both flavorful and nutritious. Follow this simple recipe and you will have a delicious meal of karkala ko tarkari in no time!
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- 5 colocasia or taro leaves with steam (karkalo ko bot) - 5 colocasia or taro leaves (tender ones / gava) - 3 colocasia or taro roots (pidalu) - 2 tablespoons mustard oil - ½ tablespoon fenugreek seeds - ½ tablespoon jimmu (optional) - 2 whole red chilies - 1 cup sano kerau (a type of green peas) - 1 teaspoon lemon or lime juice


1. Peel the skin of Pidalo and cut into desire shapes. 2. Wash the karkalo leaves and keep aside for few minutes. 3. For tender leaves, wash and keep it aside for few minutes. 4. When they dry roll and wrist them into loose knots, tuck both ends to form rounds. 5. Heat oil in a pan and pour fenugreek seeds, jimmu, and red chilies into hot oil. 6. Add colocation and sano kerau into the oil, along with turmeric powder and salt. 7. Stir everything well and cover the pan before cooking for about 25 minutes or until water has dried out from the dish. 8. Once the water is dry add coriander, cumin and red chili powder to give it flavor before finally adding a teaspoon of lemon juice mix it all together one last time. 9. Karkala ko tarkari is now ready to be served!
Karkala ko Tarkari is a nutritious and flavorful Nepali dish that can be enjoyed during Teej and Panchami festivals. With the help of this detailed recipe, you can easily prepare this delicious dish for your friends and family. The combination of colocasia leaves, spices and lemon juice gives it an unique taste that will have everyone wanting more!


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