Enjoy Authentic Nepali Cuisine with Bhagate Sadeko (Grapefruit Salad)

Total Time: 25 minutes
Serving size: 4 servings

Bhagate sadeko is a delicious and nutritious Nepali dish. It's made from citrus fruits like pomelo or grapefruit as well as oranges. This recipe also uses plain yogurt, sesame powder, salt, sugar, red chili pepper, cooking oil and fenugreek seeds to bring out the flavors of this traditional dish. The combination of sweet and savory elements create a unique flavor that cannot be found in most other dishes. The best part about this meal is it only takes 25 minutes to prepare and can serve up to four people! Enjoy this classic comfort food at your next dinner!
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- Bhagate or pomelo / grapefruit-1- Oranges – 3 or as you desire- Plain yogurt- ½ cup- Sesame powder 2 table spoon- Salt -to taste- Sugar- 1 table spoon- Red chili pepper- 1 table spoon- Cooking oil- 1 table spoon- Fenugreek seeds -¼ teaspoon- Turmeric -a pinch


1. Peal Bhagate fruits and put it in a bowl.2. Cut oranges into two halves, put it in the same bowl with Bhagate.3. Add yogurt, salt, sugar, sesame powder, red chili powder in the bowl and stir it well.4. Heat a pan, pour cooking oil onto it.5. When the oil gets hot, put fenugreek seed on it and let fenugreek seed turn golden brown.6. Take off the oil with fenugreek (methi) from the stove and pour it into the bhagate mixture in the bowl7. Stir it and mix it well (you can use your clean hand to mix it too).
Bhagate Sadeko is an easy-to-make Nepali dish that not only tastes delicious but is also a healthier alternative to many other dishes. This recipe combines different flavors and textures of citrus fruits, yogurt, sesame powder, salt, sugar and spices to create an extraordinary taste. The cooking time is only 25 minutes, and it can serve up to four people! So next time you're looking for a nutritious meal that's both tasty and quick-to-make, try Bhagate Sadeko!


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