Delicious and Authentic Watermelon Skin Curry (Kharbuja ko Bokra ko Tarkari)

30 minutes
3-5 servings

Enjoy the delicious taste of authentic Nepali cuisine with this classic tarkari (curry) made from the skin of a watermelon! This recipe is an easy way to make a flavorful, aromatic dish that is sure to be enjoyed by your family. The combination of spices and herbs create layers of flavor in this classic curry. Serve it with steamed rice for an unforgettable meal!
Lb00147 Watermelon Skin Curry

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- Skin of one big watermelon - Turmeric – half table spoon - Salt -as your taste - Coriander powder- 1 table spoon - Cumin powder-1 table spoon - Red chili powder- half tablespoon - Cumin seed – a pinch - Thyme seed- a pinch - Fenugreek seed- a pinch - Dried red chili – 2 piece - Oil- one table spoon


1. Peel the green part of the skin of the watermelon and cut into small pieces and wash the watermelon pieces. 2. Heat up your pan, put oil in it then add thyme seed, cumin seed, dried red chili, and fenugreek seed and let them turn red. Then add in the cut watermelon with turmeric and salt and cover it. 3. Cook on low flame for several minutes until most of the water has evaporated from the cooked watermelon 4. Once the water is dried, add red chili, coriander and cumin powder and mix them properly together. 5. Take off heat and garnish with coriander leaves before serving.
This easy-to-make recipe creates a delicious curry which captures all of the authentic flavors of Nepali cuisine! Serve it with steamed rice for a meal that will be sure to please your whole family. Enjoy!


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